Sunday, 17 May 2009


Welcome to India Needs To Change.

The main purpose of this blog is for Indians to discuss & share views on the status of the country.As we all proudly love India we also hate many things about our country,We always find ourselves saying "India Needs To Change" but the main question then Arises is "WHEN?"

Why do we blame the government for every downfall of it only in their hands ? or can we really do something for our country..We all crave for a change & honestly speaking we need a very big change.

The population of the country is about 1.13 billion now it sure is hard to take care of a country with that kind of population.But is that the excuse for not making India up to the mark...?
We all know the government somewhere is corrupt & if that corruption dies India can be a better place!
But will that corruption ever go..?Will we have politicians that really crave for the country to change.?We do have some but we need all of them to crave to make India a better place.!

Join us here at India Needs To Change to express your views about India.

If you would like to discuss a topic/views or share your experiences on this blog please e-mail us at & we shall post your topic or views here.& see what fellow Indian's think.

To change India WE NEED TO CHANGE
let this be the beginning of a change.......


vartika said...

your effort is simply commendable!!.It feels great to see such a dedicated country fellow being.Hats off!!

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